Mortgage Brokers, Facebook Advertisements, and iSoftpull Technology

By Hannah

With our software, mortgage brokers have been receiving more deals, especially when implementing Facebook Ads. Mortgage professionals like to use Facebook Ads when they have our software since it tells their customers they can get prequalified for a loan without hurting their credit score.
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Mortgage Credit Application Rejections Hit 3 Year High

By Shawn

Soft Credit Checks and the urgent need in the mortgage industry.
12.12.18 02:47 PM - Comment(s)

Loan Brokers Are Using Soft Credit Checks to Close More Deals

By Charles

In the past, loan brokers, merchant cash advance, term loan, SBA loan, equipment leasing, and other related professionals have depended on their clients to self provide their credit reports and scores. These professionals often tell their clients to go to Credit Karma, or a similar consumer site, do...

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Using Soft Credit Checks to Increase Sales and Efficiency

By Charles

This blog post discusses how to run a soft credit check. Also, how companies are saving time, money, and other resources spent on unqualified leads by running a soft credit check on potential customers early on in the sales cycle.
09.18.18 10:46 AM - Comment(s)