• Credit Reporting Software

    Pull your client's credit report and FICO score in your office or on the go through our website integration, over the phone, or integrated in your documents. 
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  • Credit Reporting Software 

    Pull your client's credit report and FICO score in your office or on the go through our website integration, over the phone, or integrated in your documents. 
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  • Pulling Credit Off Your Website

    iSoftpull's consumer web forms enable you, your referral partners, and your customer's to instantly run credit off your website any time of day, from any computer.
  • Call Centers and Phone Rooms

    The iSoftpull call center solution enables phone specialists to instantly access their customer's credit while on the phone.
  • Paperwork Integration 

    iSoftpull's consent language can be integrated with your current paperwork through a traditional paper application.

Web Forms

Pull your client's credit report off your website by embedding our web forms on your landing pages.

Increased Conversion Rates

People are more willing to fill out a form that does not require social security numbers and date of birth than one that requires it. Because iSoftpull only requires a name and address, your online lead conversions will increase. 

Instant Decisioning Engine

Preset your underwriting criteria in the iSoftpull software so your applicants and agents know if your website visitors qualify for your specific products.

Real Time Notifications 

 Timing is everything. iSoftpull instantly notifies you and your team as soon as your website visitors request a soft pull on your website. 

​It all starts at consent...

Where will your clients be giving you authorization to pull their credit files?

Digital Consent

iSoftpull easily integrates into your website and enables you to pull your website visitor's credit using their name and address only. Because we don't need your visitors social security number, and a soft credit check does not impact their score, your visitor's are more likely to fill out an online form and you will get more leads. 

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Verbal Authorization

While on the phone with a potential customer,  you may access their entire credit report and FICO® score so long as you have their verbal authorization on a recorded line. Since we don't need their social security number, and their score won't be impacted, your prospects will be more willing to give you their consent.

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Wet Ink

Some businesses integrate the requisite consent language in their current onboarding processes. Once they have their consent, they log in our cloud based portal to view their customer's credit report. Businesses love this feature because they do not have to change any processes and can make an informed underwriting decision instantly.

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​Digital Consent

Soft Credit Check Software

Website Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates in your website allowing you to build landing pages where your customers can apply for your products and services. As soon as a customer submits, your team receives an alert notifying you of the new applicant. If you set up underwriting criteria in our software, you will be notified of programs your applicant qualifies for. By including "get pre-qualified" links in your email signature, social media, and other online advertisements, you will turn website visitors into pre-qualified leads.

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API to run Credit Checks

Custom API Builds

Our custom API solution takes online integration a step further and gives you the freedom to do what you want with your processes. Our API documentation spells out exactly how to write to us and what protocols to use. In short, you simply make a call to us requesting a customer's credit report and score and we return that information in raw data. It's on you from there to parse it out on your end.  We have APIs for hard and soft credit checks.
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​Verbal Consent

Pull a credit report over the phone with verbal authorization

Call Centers and Instant Credit Reports

Our call center solution is perfect for those companies that need instant access to credit reports and scores. From their desktop, your agents will be able to either a) view a consumer's credit report and score or b) get a decision on whether or not the client they are speaking to meets your underwriting criteria.  With respect to b), simply set up the underwriting criteria you require for all your agents prior to them submitting credit checks and they will get an instant notification of whether or not the prospect is qualified. 

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Unlimited Users

Our call center solution has the ability to issue an unlimited amount of seats/users. Through our management tool, your senior level managers can log in and run reports on the whole company's activity, or zoom in on an individual. The best part is, there are no additional fees for multiple seats! 

Real Time Decisioning

Your phone agents will instantly know if their client qualifies when you preset your underwriting criteria in iSoftpull . Moreover, your agent will not have to review a full credit report and analyze it to understand if their prospect qualifies. You can select your specific underwriting criteria from our extensive list of attributes and our software will instantly let your agent know if their clients meets your criteria.
Credit reporting software for call centers

​Tradition Paper Applications

Run a credit report on your customers from your business

Implement In Your Normal Course of Business

For those companies with an established business process in place that includes the filling out of documents, such as a doctors offices, chiropractors, dentists, or other face to face businesses, we can always enable you to put the proper consent language in your current application process. 

If this is the case, you would simply get the proper consent on paper, log on to our portal, enter your client's name and address, hit submit, and a second later you have the credit file and FICO® score.

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