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Soft Pulls at a Glance

Full Credit Report + FICO® Score
iSoftpull returns a full credit report and FICO® Score using a soft pull. As an authorized reseller of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, iSoftpull can pull reports from any bureau, using any FICO® Score model.
No Social Security or D.O.B. Required
Your client's name and address are the only data points needed to run a soft credit check using iSoftpull (no social security number or date of birth required).
No Credit Score Impact for your Clients
Pre-qualification soft pulls do not place a hard inquiry on your client's credit report and do not impact their credit score.

Unique benefits for online lenders, brokers and lead generators

Integrate your applications and workflows using credit report, credit score, and fraud protection APIs.

Instantly pre-qualify new leads with the touch of a button.

iSoftpull's robust credit reporting technology enables online lenders and brokers to instantly identify which new leads are qualified, helping to quickly determine the leads to pursue.

A soft pull does not replace a hard pull, but...

A hard pull should not be used as a tool to see if a client qualifies for funding. Instead, using a soft pull is an economical way to easily identify qualified vs. un-qualified clients through accurate tradeline data and credit scores. This technology helps businesses enjoy substantial savings on their hard pulls bill.

Chart illustrating the cash savings from using soft credit checks compared to hard credit checks.

A soft pull does not set off trigger leads.

This one probably sparked your attention! Because a soft pull does not place a hard inquiry on your customer's credit report, running a soft credit check will not result in your competitors being notified that your client is on the hunt for a loan.

Women checking her client's credit on a laptop.

Features and Benefits Built for Online Lenders, Brokers, and Lead Gen

Significantly reduce your hard pull bill
Focus on credit qualified prospects
Determine a client's credit score instantly
Convert potential borrowers hesitant to run a hard pull
Get an accurate view of a client's credit condition
Save time and money spent on unqualified leads