Identify Fraud at the beginning of the sales cycle

Pinpointing identity misuse that may lead to:

Payment defaults, charge offs, and fraud-related costs. These Identity Risk solutions help detect true name and synthetic fraud, application velocity, identity relational and behavioral anomalies, SSNs belonging to deceased persons or minors, consumer statements on credit files, identity verification issues, social security number issuance and misuse, address misuse, phone number misuse, synthetic fraud, and more!

iSoftpull's Identity Risk allows organizations to pinpoint Red Flags, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Fraud.

iSoftpull's Identity Risk add-on solution helps to uncover issues associated with consumer identities at the beginning of the sales cycle. These Identity Risk Alerts are designed to help organizations reduce fraud and compliance losses related to today's sophisticated identity schemes.

OFAC & MLA Searches

Comply with regulations and KYC using our compliance suite

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OFAC Search

OFAC Search (also known as OFAC Screening, OFAC Scrubbing, and OFAC List Screening) is the process by which organizations identify whether parties involved in a transaction can be found on watch lists maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a division of U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Use iSoftpull's OFAC search to identify if your applicant is on the OFAC list.

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Military Lending Act

The Military Lending Act (MLA), enacted in 2006 and implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD), protects active duty members of the military, their spouses, and their dependents from certain lending practices.

Use iSoftpull's MLA search and stay compliant.

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