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Why Partner With iSoftpull?

iSoftpull partners with leading technology providers to integrate iSoftpull's credit data into their technology interfaces. By offering your users an easy-to-connect Credit API, you will increase brand stickiness and greater product value.

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Partnership Benefits

Satisfy User Demand

Integrating your business' technology plays an integral role in growing your company. By programmatically processing applicants online your business will save time and money.... and close more deals!

Customer Retention

By connecting your software to other technologies your customers will be more sticky to your brand. Adding a central function such as credit reporting will compound brand loyalty.

Available Integration Types

Discover the available integration functionalities.

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Need a decision?

If you just need a decision if an applicant meets your client's underwriting criteria, this API is for you. In short, your software send us an applicant's Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and we return a result of whether the candidate meets your client's underwriting criteria.

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View the credit report and score within your interface.

Instantly pull and view a consumer's credit report from within your software.

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Receive a full feed of raw credit report data.

Pull, view, and store consumers' credit data within your software. Enjoy the convenience of having all credit reporting activities integrated within your digital ecosystem.
Security Requirements: SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, or PCI DSS

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Partner Technologies

Whether your company is a CRM, LOS, website builder, form builder, or call center solution, or similar- iSoftpull has a credit integration suited for your technology.

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Instant report access
Credit Intelligence
Workflow automation
Flexible fields
Hard and soft Pulls

Website & Form Builder Integrations

Capture consent
No ssn or dob required
Automatic redirects
Flexible form fields
Score-based response
Hard and soft pulls
Large online pre-qualification credit webform application with large Get Pre-Qualified header text
Employee in call center working on computer with iSoftpull pre-qualification credit webform application on screen.

Phone Room

Instant decisioning
Consent confirmation
Employee facing forms
Quick setup
Agent specific forms
Hard and soft pulls