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Soft Pulls at a Glance

Full Credit Report + FICO Score
iSoftpull returns a full credit report and FICO® Score using a soft pull. As an authorized reseller of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, iSoftpull can pull credit reports from any bureau, with any FICO® Score.
No Social Security or D.O.B. Required
Your client's name and address are the only data points needed to run a soft pull using iSoftpull. Social security number and date of birth are not required.
No Credit Score Impact for your Clients
Pre-qualification soft pulls do not place a hard inquiry on your client's credit report and do not impact their credit score.

Unique benefits for Automotive, Power Sports and RV Dealers

Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyze data quickly.

Pre-qualify your customers on the lot and give fast quotes

Customers want a fast and easy way to know if they qualify and the associated loan terms. Furthermore, a salesperson wants to know if a potential buyer is qualified. Through iSoftpull's platform, auto dealers can instantly answer these questions while also enhancing the efficiency of their dealership.

car salesman holding tablet looking at the credit report of the clients sitting in front of him

Append Credit Reports and FICO® Scores to your website leads

When a lead comes in from your website, do you know their credit condition? With iSoftpull's web widget, you can instantly view your customer's complete credit report as soon as the lead comes in, Auto FICO® Scores Included!

Different people with their credit profile data around them to show it is quick and easy to obtain information

Ignite your BDR department with over the phone pre-qualifications

Set your BDR department up for success by giving them access to prospects' credit reports and scores. By pre-qualifying leads over the phone, your BDR department will have more engaging conversations with potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of closing a sale.

Worker with phone headpiece on looking at his customer's credit report on his computer monitor

Features and Benefits Built for Automotive, Power Sports, and RV Dealers

Generate more online leads with appended credit reports and scores
Convert shoppers hesitant to run credit
Reduce compliance obligations
Focus your efforts on qualified deals
Get an accurate estimated household income instantly
Save time and money spent on unqualified leads