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Soft Pulls at a Glance

Full Credit Report + FICO Score
iSoftpull returns a full credit report and credit score on a soft pull. As an authorized reseller of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, iSoftpull provides reports from any bureau with any score model.
No Social Security or D.O.B. Required
Your client's name and address are the only data points needed to run a soft pull using iSoftpull. Social security number and date of birth are not required.
No Credit Score Impact for your Clients
Pre-qualification soft pulls do not place a hard inquiry on your client's credit report and do not impact their credit score.

Unique benefits for Medical, Health and Dental Groups

Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyze data quickly.

Convert website visitors to paying customers

Using our online pre-qualification systems, health groups can have their clients/patients get pre-qualified from the convenience of their website. Simply connect to our platform via API or embed our widget onto your site to get instant lead qualifications. Your patients will appreciate having the ability to find out if they qualify, without impacting their credit!

Graph comparing online conversions using a soft credit check versus an hard credit check.

Integrated process

Pre-qualification credit reports require your patient's consent which is a quick and easy process. By simply integrating the consent language into your onboarding packet, your patient can conveniently provide you with permission to pull their credit. Running a soft credit check will allow you to evaluate risk and know if your practice should carry the paper in-house or refer the patient to an external lender such as Care Credit.

Figure depicting a qualified client's report summary versus an unqualified client's report.

Manage multiple locations in one platform

Through our branch management system, multi-rooftop practices can manage their pre-qualification system in one simple, easy-to-use platform. Set up single branches or multiple branches, and designate roles and permissions for a variety of employee levels in iSoftull's sophisticated Next Gen platform!

Screenshot of iSoftpull's credit reporting platform.

Features and Benefits Built for Medical, Health and Dental Groups

Instantly view your patient's credit
Pre-qualify new
website leads
Determine payment
plan eligibility
Integrate robust APIs
Get an accurate estimated household income instantly
Practice Management