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Soft Pulls at a Glance

Full Credit Report + FICO® Score
iSoftpull returns a full credit report and FICO® Score using a soft pull. As an authorized reseller of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, iSoftpull can pull reports from any bureau, with any FICO® Score.
No Social Security or D.O.B. Required
Your client's name and address are the only data points needed to run a soft pull using iSoftpull. Social security number and date of birth are not required.
No Credit Score Impact for your Clients
Pre-qualification soft pulls do not place a hard inquiry on your client's credit report and do not impact their credit score.

Unique benefits for professionals in the Home Improvement industry

Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyze data quickly.

Prequalify your customers in the field, and know exactly which lender to send them to.

So you're at your prospect's house and he is asking buying questions... What do you do? Do you spend another hour drawing up a bid and then a week processing the application, or do you get your client's consent to run a soft pull from our cloud based software?

You need clarity on which lender is the best fit for your customer. Not only does this make a better experience for you and your company, but your clients will appreciate you referring them to the appropriate lender. Nobody likes rejection letters and inquiries on their credit report, including your client.

Realtor with a tablet showing a couple a home who are qualified for financing.

Know your client's credit before sending an employee to bid the job

Often we hear from our residential solar, roofing, windows, siding, and HVAC customers that one of the primary problems our solution solves they no longer spend hours and possibly weeks bidding a job only to find out their prospect has bad credit.

Some have shared with us the countless hours spent on the road, driving to and from appointments only to find out at the end of the day that not a single one of their appointments was qualified.

Businessman sitting with a couple checking their credit to check if they are qualified for financing.

Prequalify your customers from your call center

Our cloud based software gives your phone agents instant notifications on whether or not their customer is qualified. This will allow  all of your phone agents to log into our portal, or visit your website and pull your prospect's credit while they are on the phone.

Man in call center using a computer to check a client's credit over the phone using iSoftpull.

Features and Benefits Built for the Home Improvement Industry

In the field credit decisions
Call Center Instant Pre-Qualifications
Tablet Integrations
Know which lender to send your prospect to
Get estimated household income instantly
Save time and money spent on unqualified leads