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With over 10+ years experience in the credit reporting space, iSoftpull's founders identified a universal problem plaguing all businesses: wasting time and money pursuing unqualified leads. With this, the founders identified a need within the market for an easier way for businesses to pre-qualify clients.

At the time, soft credit checks were rarely used and widely unheard of. iSoftpull's founders saw the immense value this easy-to-use tool presented so they worked to develop a software to make soft credit checks accessible to businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Today, iSoftpull continues to work towards improving the credit reporting process. Having spoken to thousands of business owners, iSoftpull's team continues to update the platform working to provide a solution that caters to ever-evolving market conditions and the needs of the businesses it serves. iSoftpull's robust software has helped countless businesses save time and money while closing more deals. Discover how iSoftpull can help you achieve your business goals today!

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Meet the people behind
the software

Dan Daniel iSoftpull founder and ceo headshot
Dan Daniel
President & Founder
Justin Fay managing director and founder of iSoftpull headshot
Justin Fay
Managing Director & Founder
Matt Kloeffler iSoftpull Director of Client Success headshot
Matt Kloeffler
VP, Customer Success
Jeremy Velarde iSoftpull Director of Compliance headshot
Jeremy Velarde
Director of Compliance
Chris Linden VP of General Counsel at iSoftpull headshot
Chris Linden
VP, General Counsel
Tara Andrews
Sr. Marketing Coordinator
Caitlin Kluey
Customer Success Executive
Taylor Topp
Business Quality Executive
Elvis Ge iSoftpull software product manager headshot
Elvis Ge
Product Manager
Matthew Undlin
Business Development Rep.
Norm iSoftpull operations assistance headshot
Norman Lasua
Media Producer
Garrett Riker iSoftpull lead videographer headshot
Garrett Riker
Media Producer

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