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Credit Intelligent Webforms

iSoftpull's Credit Intelligent Webforms enable your company to do what no other webforms enable you to do: display credit-relevant messaging, links, and url redirects specific to each unique lead based on your client's exact FICO® Score.

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Webforms Fueled by Credit Intelligence

Let's assume you have 3 different loan offerings for your clients and each of the loan offerings corresponds with a different credit score range. For this example, let's use 750+, 650-749, 580-649, and people below 580 most likely do not prequalify for your offerings. When your lead submits, our Credit Intelligence will apply, and your lead will be displayed your businesses custom messaging relevant to their exact credit score.   
two floating response messages illustrating iSoftpull intelligence feature communicating if clients are pre-qualified for loan with iSoftpull and FICO logo
Laptop with iSoftpull application on screen with Credit Intelligent form builder tool open building new prequal webform

Webform Benefits
for your Company


Integrating your business' technology plays an integral role in growing your company. By programmatically processing applicants online your business will save time and money.... and closes more deals!


Automation enables you to allocate your time on deals that are pre-qualified and are most likely to close.


Automated webforms enable you to create unique forms for each employee, referral partner, or campaign, which in turn allows you to process more applicants, faster!

Webform Benefits
for your Clients

Instant Pre-Qualification

People want things, and they want them now. Let's be honest, the world we live in today is  full of an instant gratification mindset, and getting approvals for a loan is no exception!

No Harm to Credit

Consumers want to know whether or not they are qualified before they ding their credit with a hard pull, and rightfully so! iSoftpull's enables you to inform clients of their approval probability, instantly!

No SSN or DOB Required

Your customers no longer have to give up their sensitive information in order to know if they qualify. All iSoftpull needs to pull credit is a name and address only, and we can retrieve a full credit file and FICO® Score.
Laptop displaying an iSoftpull qualification credit webform application

Webform Applications

Forms for your borrowers to submit, forms for your employees to submit, or do it all via API!

person typing on computer filling out an iSoftpull pre-qualification webform for loan pre-qualification with a phone nearby

Website Credit Forms

iSoftpull's Credit Webform Builder is a tool to build embeddable forms on your website to process credit applications programmatically.

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Employee in call center working on computer with iSoftpull pre-qualification credit webform application on screen.

Utilizing Webforms in your Phone Rooms

If you have employees who speak to clients over the phone and you want your employees to instantly know if their client is qualified, our phone room forms are for you!

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iSoftpull laptop showcasing platform with credit reporting apis.

Use your own forms and connect via API.

Though our forms are robust, some companies want the ultimate flexibility and prefer to connect their own form via API. Our Integration Suite will enable you to do exactly that.

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Laptop displaying iSoftpull credit reporting software interface with credit webform builder options to create a new credit form application

Credit Webform Features

FCRA Compliant
Credit Intelligence
Employee Linking System
Flexible Form Fields
Embeddable & Dedicated Landing Page
Hard and Soft Pulls

Credit Webform
Intelligence Messaging

Native Messaging

Instantly displays your unique messaging relevant to your client's credit score.

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URL Redirects

Instantly redirects your lead to URL (e.g. thank you page, product page, full credit application, etc.) based on your client's credit score.
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