• Soft Pulls for the Business and Personal Loan Industry

    On-demand credit report access with full up-to-date credit reports and FICO scores with the click of a button. 

On Demand Credit Report Access

Business and personal loan professionals love our software because it gives them instant access to their customer's credit report and FICO® scores.  With iSoftpull, as soon as you get your customer's permission to pull their credit report, you will instantly be able to download and view their entire credit report and score. 

iSoftpull delivers a FICO® or Vantage Score and complete credit report in an easy to read format. The credit report includes delinquencies on all accounts such as mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc. It also includes inquires from the the last two years, public records, and warning messages. 

How to Pull your Client's Credit

Our software is a cloud-based application you log into, just as you would Facebook, Gmail, or any other cloud-based platform.  Our business and personal loan broker customers typically get their client's consent over the phone, online, or in a traditional paper application. Once you have obtained your client's consent to run a soft credit check, you will log into our portal with your username and password, enter your client's name and address, and with one click of the mouse you will instantly receive your client's entire credit report and FICO® score. 

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