• Soft Pulls for Mortgage Professionals

    Online lead generation, no credit score impact, immediate 100% accurate and up-to-date credit reports using only a name and address.

​Why Would a Mortgage Broker use a Soft Pull?

  • Get More Leads Online and Generate More Revenue: Because a soft credit check can be done with a name and address only and does not impact a consumer's credit, consumers are more willing to fill out online pre-qualification applications. This is because it takes less time than filling out a full-length application online (people hate filling out long applications) and customers are reluctant to give out their social security number. 
  •  Get More Leads With Verbal Consent: With verbal consent on a recorded line, mortgage professionals can pull their client's credit report and FICO® score. We have found that consumers become sticky to a mortgage professional once they have run a soft credit check on them. More specifically, once a mortgage professional has run the customer's credit, he is able to speak more intelligently about the deal, and is also able to "sink his teeth" into the deal. 
  • Get More Referrals: Real estate agents will send you all of their clients because they are self-interested and want to know their customer's credit score, but they do not have the ability to run credit because they are not the lender. 
  • Save Time and Money: Running a soft credit check will put you "in the know" about your prospect's credit condition at the beginning of the sales cycle. This will save you time and money from working on deals that do not qualify in the first place. 
  • Protect Your Leads: Soft credit checks do not activate "trigger leads." Because a soft pull does not place an inquiry on a customer's credit report, your competitor's trigger leads will not be activated. 
  • Save Money Again: Soft credit checks cost about $3 each... a tri-merge can cost up to $30 per report.  Mortgage brokers using soft pulls save money because they wait until they are confident they have a deal to run a tri-merge and they don't run them on deals that don't close. They can do this because they can get the full credit report from iSoftpullAlso, they are happy to pay the fee for the tri-merge when they are confident they have a deal. 

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Know Your Client's Credit Now

iSoftpull's cloud-based technology enables mortgage professionals to identify their client's credit worthiness at the beginning of the sale's cycle.  Using your customer's name and address, and without impacting their credit, iSoftpull will instantly deliver you your client's entire credit report and FICO® score. This can be done over the phone, online, or in person.

Save Time and Resources

As a result of learning your customer's credit profile at the beginning of the sales cycle, you will save time, money, and valuable resources you would have spent on unqualified candidates had you not run the soft pull. No more working a deal for a week, or even months, only to find out when they actually apply for the loan that they never qualified in the first place.

Generate More Revenue

Because you and your sales staff will know which deals to prioritize and which deals to reconsider spending time on, you will focus your energy on deals that make sense. The result being: you will generate more revenue.  Additionally, by leveraging the iSoftpull technology, you will create/capture more leads via your website and through your referral sources. 

Online Lead Generation

Our software enables you to pull your client's entire credit report using their name and address only, from your website. 

Getting Consent on the Phone

While on a recorded line, and with your customer's consent, you can pull your client's entire credit report and FICO score®.

Face to Face Meetings

Through a paper application, your mobile phone, or your computer, our software will instantly give you your client's credit report.

​How to get Real Estate Agents to Send you Deals

Put yourself in the shoes of a real estate agent. Not having the ability to check your client's credit, but being totally dependent on your client's credit for their ability to buy a house. Picture yourself driving your client around for months on end to look at houses only to find out they do not qualify... We're talking lunches, dinners, greeting cards, and everything, only to find out they have a 500 credit score! This is where you come in... 

With iSoftpull, you can give your real estate agent referral sources on demand access to see what loans their clients qualify for. This is done through our state-of-the-art decisioning engine which integrates into your website. Simply select your underwriting criteria in your iSoftpull portal, and when your client submits an online application, it will tell them what loans they are prequalified for. This will give you the lead, the real estate agent an understanding of their client's credit, and the consumer an idea of whether or not they can qualify for the home purchase. 

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