• Soft Pulls for the Solar Industry

    Field agents can process applications online or over the phone, making instant in-field credit decisions.
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How our solar customers us soft pulls to save time and money.

 In short, our solar clients want to know their prospect's credit profile prior to spending time bidding the job and sending the loan to the finance company. Our residential solar clients use our software to prequalify their candidates when their reps are in the field, or when their finance team is speaking to prospects on the phone. By running soft pulls, our customers save time and money because they are not sending representatives out to their client's houses to bid jobs, spending time writing the deal, then sending unqualified candidates to their lender partners. 

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Phone Processing Applications

Our cloud-based software includes unlimited users with no extra fees. This will allow all of your phone agents to log into our portal, or visit your website and pull your prospects credit while they are on the phone. 

In the Field Credit Decisions

So you're at your prospect's house and he is asking buying questions... What do you do? Do you spend another hour drawing up a bid and then a week processing the application, or do you get your client's consent to run a soft pull from our cloud-based software?

Instant Credit Underwriting and Decisioning

The goal is simple: instantly give your representative a decision of whether or not their client qualifies for your program. 

Score Only and Multi-Criteria Decisions

Set up preset underwriting criteria with our decisioning engine. Whether it be credit score only, or a mixed bag of credit report factors, your agents will know exactly what credit profile their prospect is.

Get Decisioning in the Office or in the Field

Our software integrates into your website and email. By integrating our software to your website, your representatives will be able to get credit decisions irrespective if they are in the field or in the office. 

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