5 Simple Tips to Generate More Leads Using Soft Pulls

Learn how to generate more leads for your business by checking your customer's credit using iSoftpull's soft pull credit checks.
Cait Lanning

As a preface, this blog uses an auto dealer as the product being sold; however, the same marketing techniques can be applied to nearly any industry.

1. Multiple "Get Pre-Qualified Now" Buttons Pointing to your Soft Pull

The most common mistake we see from dealers who have a soft pull lead generation tool on their website is they are not directing their website visitors to it. To get the most out of your soft pull tool, every car's individual page in your inventory should have a button on it pointing to the soft pull form. The button should be easily noticeable and have a description telling customers they can get pre-qualified and it will not hurt their credit at all. We call the placement of buttons on your vehicle inventory pages "optimizing" your soft pull. Dealer's who optimize their soft pull on their websites see a significant increase in lead flow.

2. Embed Hyperlinks on all of your Social Media Posts

Dealers who are active on social media should add a hyperlink pointing to their soft pull in every post that is marketing a car purchase. By adding a hyperlink to the soft pull, dealers are able to covert their followers into leads in their CRM. The best way to put the hyperlink in the post is to get a shortened hyperlink from Bitly.

3. Tell your Sales Staff to Use your Soft Pull as a Marketing Tool

Encourage your sales staff to refer people to the soft pull when they are out in the community. An effective soft pull will be mobile friendly, meaning that the soft pull application is easily viewable on a smart phone. An active salesman can have the link stored on their phone and can text message it to a prospective customer.

4. Use Soft Pulls as a Lead Generation Tool at your Dealership

Oftentimes, dealers have customers on their lot that are afraid to have their credit run because it will hurt there credit score. By encouraging these types of customers to submit a soft pull, dealers will be able to overcome this objection and move the deal process forward since a soft pull does not hurt the customers credit report.

5. Include the Sot Pull Link un your Dealership's Email Campaign

Dealerships love email campaigns! I know this because I receive dozens of emails a week from various dealerships. That said, however, I rarely, if at all, see a link in the email to the dealer's pre-approval page. By adding a link in your email campaign, dealers can convert their email lists into qualified leads/credit reports in your CRM.

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