Equifax API

Equifax is one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies in the US. Its credit reporting software utilizes a cloud infrastructure, with  its software consisting of a combination of analytics, cloud technology, and differentiated data. For its analytics, Equifax applies TIBCO Software, which plays an integral role in supporting Equifax’s business operations.The software enables data to be  transformed for greater insights and the processing of indisputable reports on finances and operations.

Equifax operates as a cloud-native credit reporting entity. Its use of cloud-based technology provides a secure environment for the development and distribution of credit reporting products. These products enable financial institutions to mitigate risk while protecting their consumer’s data.

Equifax API

Costs of Equifax credit report

Equifax report pricing varies based on the type of report and the report use case but iSoftpull offers Equifax credit reports ranging anywhere from $2.90-$3.99 per report.

Equifax API Partners

Equifax API Documentation is publicly available via iSoftpull’s Resource Center. With the availability of an Equifax API via iSoftpull’s credit reporting software, business professionals can easily integrate their digital platforms to access Equifax’s database of over  800 million credit reports from the convenience of their own technology. The integration enables businesses to automate their credit reporting activities for greater efficiency and strengthen their ability to scale.

Equifax Software Platform

Equifax utilizes TIBCO Spotfire Analytics software to support its cloud-based technology solutions. Equifax packages visualized data which is among its higher revenue generating products. The software enables Equifax to apply customers' portfolios to determine their project’s resale value. The pre-sale value shows a customer the anticipated return on their investments. Equifax also addresses customer data security issues, using Spotfire Analytics, which helps to enhance the security of Equifax’s system through the production of user logs, which pinpoints each person who is accessing the data.

Alternative to Equifax credit check API

There are alternatives to TransUnion’s credit check API that can be implemented to help businesses to measure risk. Helping business measure risk is the core service provided by iSoftpull via a soft credit check. iSoftpull provides hard or soft credit reports delivered via API or ancillary products from Equifax, such as income estimation and fraud prevention products which can also help organizations measure the risk associated with lending to a particular individual.

Is there an Equifax credit API?

Equifax possesses a credit check API. For lenders, integrating the Equifax credit API allows customer credit reports to inform the risk assessment and lending decisions.

Equifax maintains a developer portal. Additionally, you can access a wide range of API products. Specifically, Equifax assigns specific access to these products. In addition, a client identifies an API compatible with their content management system (CMS) in the available product variety. Consequently, the content management systems include Shopify, WordPress, and Magneto.

Equifax collaborates with a list of approved developers. You can explore their service portal and interact with their API products.  Identify one suitable and compatible to integrate on your website or digital platform.

iSoftpull provides businesses with easy-to-implement APIs, enabling organizations of all sizes to benefit from automating their credit reporting activities.

Equifax integration software

Equifax integrations software supports a capacity to access at least credit data for 88 million businesses globally and 800 million individuals. Equifax works with approved developer companies to integrate a suitable API into your digital system to make the integrations possible. From this, you can access comprehensive data to boost your credit checking.iSotfpull has a direct integration with Equifax software. iSoftpull provides businesses with software solutions to enable them to access the customer credit data in the Equifax cloud system. As an authorized dealer of FICO® Score, iSoftpull provides various solutions to inform finance-related decisions by individuals and companies. The following range of products offered by iSoftpull includes:

  • Total customer credit score by running the soft pull enabled by iSoftpull.
  • Provide soft pull data to conduct a creditworthiness assessment of a client.
  • It enables an entity to conduct an initial assessment at the loan facility application point before discussing further with the client.
  • iSoftpull eases the prequalification loan application process.

Additionally, iSoftpull helps businesses to optimize their sales volumes through improved marketing practices. iSoftpull software makes it easy to access credit reports instantly. The information informs and promotes the creation of relevant marketing campaigns. The market campaign results in improved efficiency in sales and marketing. As a result, accessing accurate customer information increases the chances of sending the right marketing messages, converts into higher sales, and draws in higher revenue.

iSoftpull assists businesses in leveraging credit technology by providing them with relevant software for increasing their revenue. By using iSoftpull technology,  you reap the following benefits:

  • iSoftpull enables time-saving by generating instant credible credit reports. You attend to customers without keeping them in suspense by informing them early during application on the likelihood of qualifying for your credit facility.
  • Saves resources by providing a timely credit report. It keeps you from funding the wrong ventures and avoids the headache of losing blindly.
  • Increased revenue by ensuring you spend resources on customers with a high likelihood to pay for goods and services. The iSoftpull presents credit information early enough to inform loaning, sales, and marketing decisions.

In addition to Integration solutions, iSoftpull offers a range of products that include credit reports, credit scores, credit intelligence, iIdentity risk suite, and an income analysis suite. iSoftpull provides services for Mortgage companies, Business and Personal Loan providers, Online Lenders and Brokers, Health and Dental practitioners, Automotive dealers, Home Improvement companies, and many more!

iSoftpull specializes in soft credit checks, which initiates a credit pull early in the decision-making process and does not affect consumer credit rating at any given instance.

Equifax developer portal support

Equifax maintains a developer portal support on their website. The website provides details on data available to guide developers, samples of real-time analytics, and samples of products accomplished.

Equifax has interactive platforms for a developer to:

  • Review the API products that allow you to test and learn
  • It has a platform with documentation showing how APIs work
  • It also has online help to assist in internalizing the API development
  • A feedback option allows you to provide feedback
  • The portal support emphasizes the constant updates of the API. It encourages an upcoming developer to look out for updated information.

And finally, Equifax owns a database carrying important customer information. Its efforts to leverage the cloud and enhance analytics assist customers in understanding and applying data. It informs decisions of service and product providers by gauging an individual's creditworthiness or corporation.

Collaborating with API developers and integration enablers ensures continuous innovations and contributions towards sustaining an improved product responsive to customers' needs. iSoftpull is among the Equifax-approved service providers. Working with iSoftpull eases the burden of worrying about identity theft.

iSoftpull provides a wide range of customer credit reporting services and serves as a one-step credit services provider.