Experian API

Experian API or Application Programming Interface uses Experian data and functionality to build a user’s software product. These software products are the result of the delivery of the request from the provider to the user through the Experian API. The Experian API acts as a messenger and uses a convenient single source to consolidate Experian’s business data.

Experian API

Experian’s API products allow the users to make better business decisions, onboard customers faster, and reduce customer touchpoints within their systems and applications. Multiple applications can be eliminated, and users’ data are secured in a single source using Experian APIs.

Experian APIs can reduce the decision turnaround time using the readily available Experian business data. The API allows for Experian’s business data to be easily accessible, enabling users to meet credit and compliance onboarding requirements within minutes. The short turnaround time allows the users to keep track of their portfolios in real-time. Real-time access to all necessary data will enable users to lessen risks and respond quickly before the situation gets uncontrollable.

Experian’s business data can be integrated using around 100 Experian API products to choose from, such as:.

  • Automotive
  • Business Information
  • Collections
  • Consumer Data
  • Consumer Information
  • Data Quality
  • Decisioning
  • Identity & Fraud
  • Marketing
  • Mortgage

Experian API Options

Experian has created wide-ranged and customized API solutions. The API solutions can be found in the Experian Hub. The Experian Hub can be explored by accessing the API Developer Portal. The API Developer Portal is where users can request information from the Experian providers.

Experian API Process

The Experian API works by getting access through Experian’s Developer Portal. The Developer Portal provides a library of existing and growing APIs for users. Users can also request information on product customization for business needs. For business needs, Experian’s consumer API helps in unleashing the power of the world through innovation and world-class data integration.

Experian API Data

To get data from Experian, the user must create an account on the Developer Portal. The Developer Portal will verify the e-mail address. Once the e-mail address is confirmed, the user can begin developing the first application.

The first application will undergo a registration process. The registration process starts by first logging into the Developer Portal. The Developer Portal allows the user to navigate to the My Apps section. Under the My Apps section is the Add New App button. The Add New App allows the user to create an App name of choice and select the required products to finish the registration process.

The registration process creates a Client ID and Client Secret. The Client ID and Client Secret will be used to make the calls from the user’s App to the Experian API. The Experian API will receive and respond to the first request in JSON format. The JSON format response is the data from Experian.

Experian API Integration

There is an Experian API integration through Experian Connect API. The Experian Connect API allows users to easily embed Experian’s credit-sharing services on their websites and mobile applications. The websites and mobile applications can integrate multiple Experian Connect API products that suit the users’ needs.The users’ needs can vary, so Experian Connect API has categorized the library based on the features:

  • Identity and fraud utilizes Passive Authentication to check a user’s identity to minimize fraudulent access.
  • Suitability and risk checks provides options on what background information to search like credit, criminal records, and renter risk.
  • Share and archive allows the users to find, pull, and share archived credit reports using different sharing tools.

Experian API Pricing Plans

Experian API pricing is based on the product, use volume, and end-user industry/ lending status. Contact iSoftpull for more information on pricing and available plans.

Cost Experian API

Setting up an API with Experian can incur developer costs and software costs. iSoftpull enables users the benefit of an Experian API at a lower cost by limiting the need for tedious software development. Learn about iSoftpull’s easy to implement APIs here.

Experian Developer Portal

Experian has created a developer portal. The Experian developer portal is where new users can create their new accounts. The new accounts allow them to start building their own applications. The applications can be used to test a range of Experian APIs. The Experian APIs are capable across multiple Experian data sets and regions. Each region’s businesses can determine their preferred Experian API platform.

Experian API platforms in the Developer Portal are crucial, according to Experian CIO Barry Libenson. Barry Libenson adds that the Development Portal offers a methodology that enables users and Experian developers to create API capabilities. The API capabilities have grown from 0 API transactions five years ago to 100M monthly API transactions.

Experian API hub

The Experian API Hub provides real-time access to commercial business data. The business data from Experian are integrated for efficiency and accuracy. Efficiency and accuracy are the essential factors toward a decisive competitive advantage. The competitive advantage from Experian’s market-leading data enables business processes for users. Users can quickly onboard new customers, enhance business decision-making, manage portfolios, and improve workstreams with the Experian API Hub.

The Experian API Hub’s users can benefit through the following:

  • Take advantage of the growing collection of APIs. The ever-increasing collection of APIs covers the most essential commercial credit and commercial public record information. The commercial public record information includes commercial scores, trades, corporate linkage, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments.
  • End the trouble of working with multiple applications. Multiple applications can cause inconvenience because of decentralized data. Consolidated data, on the other hand, allow users to make wiser business decisions without the need to leave the application.
  • Decrease decision turnaround time. Turnaround time for credit and compliance onboarding requirements is achievable within minutes because of easy access to Experian business data.
  • Keep track of portfolio in real-time. Real-time access to all the information needed is beneficial in lessening risks and acting quickly to business problems.

Experian vs iSoftpull

The data displayed on a credit report is the exact same, whether you pull an Experian report directly from the bureau or using iSoftpull’s credit reporting software. Both soft credit checks and hard credit checks display the most up-to-date report data. These credit reports are accurate, complete, and current for users that need to do the following credit checks:

  • Credit Profile Credit Check shows the history of the consumer’s credit and identification information.
  • Automotive Credit Profile Credit Check assists automotive lenders’ and dealers’ decisions to offer credit.
  • Employment Insight Credit Check contains consumer identification, employment history, and credit information for hiring or promotion purposes.
  • Health Care Credit Profile Credit Check consists of a credit report with Healthcare Summary for the healthcare industry.
  • Telecom-Electric-Cable Credit Check evaluates consumer risk within the telecommunications, energy, and cable or TEC space.
  • Connect Check Credit Check assists the utility, telecommunication, and cable industries in identifying fraud and minimizing risk exposures.
  • Extended View Credit Check shows a score with attributes depending on the client’s request.

The data displayed on a credit report is the exact same, whether you pull an Experian report directly from the bureau or using iSoftpull’s credit reporting software. Both soft credit checks and hard credit checks display the most up-to-date report data. These credit reports are accurate, complete, and current for users that need to do the following credit checks.