FICO API Software

FICO® Scores can be generated using a Credit Score API. The Credit Score API from iSoftpull has three API products, namely:

  • Intelligence Indicator API enables users to receive decisions instantly based on custom score parameters to ensure greater efficiency and improved customer experience. Improved customer experience can lead to greater lead generations and higher conversions.
  • Credit Report and Score View API pull new credit reports and view full credit report and FICO® score within the company’s data management platforms. The company data management platforms are integrated with credit reporting activities for better efficiency, analysis, and management.
  • Full JSON Feed API allows access and storage of credit data within the business’ online platforms.
FICO API Software

FICO Software Solutions

The FICO® software enables enterprises in 90+ countries to make better business decisions. Better business decisions result in higher levels of growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction through using the FICO® software.The FICO® software has five areas of expertise. These areas of expertise help businesses arrive at better decisions and better results using their own capabilities, respectively.

The FICO Decision Management and Optimization focuses on operation analytics and empowers customer engagements.

  • AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics improves customer interactions and supply chain with market-leading technology.
  • Decisioning builds smart, consistent, and auditable customer-facing decisions.
  • Optimization solves the biggest and most complex business problems.

The FICO Customer Development gets, satisfies, and retains profitable customers through smart and integrated decision-making.

  • Account Opening ensures fast, frictionless, and digital account opening solutions.
  • Customer Communications for Costumer Development assesses potential customer needs and expand the business using omnichannel and digital communications.
  • Customer Management enables smarter decisions for better customer outcomes.
  • Marketing creates and grows customer relationships with confidence.
  • Pricing Optimization uses prescriptive analysis to make profitable pricing decisions.

Debt Collection and Recovery improves the collection and recovery efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance.

  • Collections Management creates the right balance between operational efficiency and customer service improvement.
  • Customer Communications for Debt Collection and Recovery helps organizations in collective debt and managing bigger account volumes using digital and scalable communications.
  • Debt Recovery and Sales enables the recovery of debt cost-effectively and improves collections account placement through a prove method and advanced technology.

Fraud Protection and Compliance deals with fraud and financial crime using AI.

  • Anti-Money Laundering protects businesses from financial crimes while following regulatory standards like KYC, sanctions screening, and transaction monitoring.
  • Customer Communications for Fraud allows digital communication for the business and provides low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.
  • Falcon® Intelligence Network delivers a global view of fraud and financial crimes.
  • Identity and Authentication prevents application fraud and account takeover fraud.
  • Payments Fraud allows industry-proven machine learning and AI for payments fraud protection.

Scoring Solutions enables lenders to safely expand financial inclusion worldwide.

  • Credit Risk Scoring Solutions empowers the development of enhanced credit risk strategies.
  • Industry Risk Scoring Solutions enables to gain better industry risk insights using data-driven analytic solutions.
  • Scoring Partners helps industries to decrease risk, improve experiences, and support growth.

FICO Decision Management Platform

The FICO® Decision Management Platform takes advantage of the analytic power and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow smarter business decisions. The business decisions in the FICO® Decision Management Platform enable the companies to develop new analytically powered applications. These analytically powered applications improve real-time customer interactions. The real-time customer interactions result in better customer engagement and enhanced business results through the FICO® Decision Management Platform.The FICO® Decision Management Platform combines industry-leading advanced analytics, decision modeling, and AI in an open and extensible architecture. This extensible architecture empowers businesses to create new analytically powered applications quickly and cost-effectively within the FICO® Decision Management Platform.

FICO Xpress Software

TThe FICO® Xpress Optimization software is the most complete set of optimization software technology and tools to solve large complex optimization problems. These large complex optimization problems can be the deciding point for the success or failure of businesses. Businesses use the FICO® Xpress Optimization software to enable them in quickly solving their business problems. The business problems using the FICO® Xpress Optimization software can be solved by allowing the users to build, deploy, and use optimization solutions with ease.

The FICO® Xpress Optimization software features are:

  • Widest set of industry-leading solver technologies
  • Most flexible modeling and configuration language
  • Industry-leading model and framework development environments
  • Most flexible and comprehensive UI, visualization, and reporting support

The FICO® Xpress Optimization software is comprised of four components that allow FICO business users to make quicker, smarter, and customer-focused decisions:

  • FICO® Xpress Executor
  • FICO® Xpress Solver
  • FICO® Xpress Workbench™
  • FICO® Xpress Insight

FICO Xpress Insight

The FICO® Xpress Insight allows enterprises to quickly deploy any advanced analytic model as powerful applications. These powerful applications allow business users to work with models in easy-to-understand terms and account for trade-offs and sensitivities implied in the business problem. The business problem can be addressed by the FICO® Xpress Insight by allowing businesses to work in a collaborative environment. The collaborative environment uses interactive visualizations that are specifically designed to the business needs.

These business needs can be addressed by the FICO® Xpress Insight features:

Rapid configuration of enterprise-ready applications. Data scientists and operations researchers can rapidly deploy their analytic and optimization models into FICO® Xpress Insight applications. The FICO® Xpress Insight applications’ UI development is easily done by drag-and-drop in View Designer or the View Definition Language (VDL).

True optimization and advanced analytics. The FICO® Xpress Insight fixes the industries’ most difficult problems. These problems are solved with advanced algorithms for linear, mixed-integer, nonlinear, or constraint programming.

FICO Decision Modeler

The FICO® Decision Modeler allows business users to make decisions company-wide. These decisions are ensured to be working harmoniously in every domain for business users. Business users can state the problem and achieve an optimal solution. The optimal solution is executed company-wide. The company-wide decisions are automated and optimized from the upper management to the store level using the FICO® Decision Modeler.The FICO® Decision Modeler allows businesses to make smarter decisions faster. The speed and accuracy of business decisions are essential to the changing business, economic, and regulatory conditions. In these changing conditions, the FICO® Decision Modeler delivers order-of-magnitude acceleration in decision cycle times like price changes and new account processing.


The FICO® Decision Management Platform (MDP) supports integrated reusable decision management capabilities so developers can be more efficient in creating and deploying business-enhancing advances. These business-enhancing advances are the result of the endless benefits of the FICO® Decision Management Platform that allows users to:

  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform works with the strategic leaders with breakthrough innovations in advanced analytics and AI to shape todays’ forward-thinking companies.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform shares decision intelligence within the organizational silos to produce better decisions at scale.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform creates and scales new applications on an open and extensible platform by utilizing preferred technologies and incorporating them easily with legacy systems.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform allows data scientists and business stakeholders to work together more effectively and empowers them to make decision models that will reach optimal business results.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform leverages the large amount of data an enterprise absorbs and transforms those streams into real-time, actionable decisions that improve the business.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform builds an AI-powered learning loop that continuously improves decisions across the business to stay competitive.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform fully operationalizes analytics and AI to allow businesses to respond to customers in real-time and make real-world innovations to business processes.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform uses the power of advanced analytics and AI to transform significant decisions across the business.
  • Accelerate ROI. The FICO® Decision Management Platform fast-tracks time-to-value by quickly designing, deploying, and testing new decision-making applications.
  • The FICO® Decision Management Platform lessens risk by evaluating and managing decisions with the most advanced data analytics and predictive models around.

FICO Software ntegrations

Yes, FICO® has software integrations through the FICO® Platform. The FICO® Platform integrates data analytics and application development from the marketing system, risk management system, financial crime protection system, and supply chain system. The application development in the FICO® platform is very easy because users don’t need to start from scratch.

FICO API providers

iSoftpull is a leading FICO® provider. As a FICO® provider, iSoftpull generates FICO® Scores using prequalification soft pulls. Prequalification Soft Pulls are credit reports that do not hurt the consumer’s credit score. The credit scores that can be soft pulled from FICO® are:

  • Industry Specific FICO® Scores are versions optimized for a specific type of credit product like credit card or auto loan.
  • FICO® Score Versions update the scoring to reflect the change due to consumer behavior changes over time.