• Soft Credit Checks

    Receive your client's entire credit report and score with a pre-qualification soft pull. Soft pulls do not impact your customer's credit and do not require a social security number or date of birth.
  • No Social Security Required

    Our software provides a full credit report and FICO or Vantage score without the customer's social security number or date of birth. 
  • No Impact on Credit 

    A soft credit check does not lower your client's credit score nor does it place an inquiry on their credit report. As such, a soft pull does not activate your competitors trigger leads.
  • Reliable Credit Data

    We deliver an entire accurate credit report and FICO score with a soft credit check. Often we get asked how accurate soft pulls are; the answer is iSoftpull is 100% accurate. It returns the exact same information as on a hard pull, its just a soft pull!

​What is a Soft Credit Check?

Generally speaking, a soft credit check, also known as a soft pull, is a credit report that 1) does not hurt the consumer's credit score and 2) does not place an inquiry on their credit report.  

Typically, a pre-qualification soft pull is used when a company wants to know whether or not their customer would qualify for a loan if he or she applied. This will help them save time and money on prospects that do not qualify, and also present correct pricing terms and suitable loan products to those customer that do qualify. 

When our customers use our soft credit check technology (iSoftpull), our customers instantly receive the consumer's full credit report and FICO score and can use that information to pre-qualify a customer for their goods and services. iSoftpull does not trigger compliance in the event you do not pursue the lead. 

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​Consumer Consent Required

 Although iSoftpull delivers a pre-qualification soft credit check, your customer's consent is still required. Consent can be acquired on a traditional paper application with a wet ink signature, online through a digital application, or verbally if the phone call is recorded. iSoftpull's website integration enables even the smallest of companies to acquire online consent and capture more leads. Learn More.

Accurate Credit Report and Score

We often get asked, "How accurate is a soft credit check... is it just a ball park?" The answer is: a pre-qualification soft pull delivers the exact same credit data as a hard pull, the only difference being it's a soft pull. To be specific, the credit score, payment history, public records, and warning messages are the exact same on a customer's hard pull as they are on a soft credit check through iSoftpull.

Name and Address Only

iSoftpull delivers your client's credit report and score using your client's name and home address only. That said, if there are two generations of people living at the same address with the same or similar name, or if your customer gives you a new home address that has not been recorded with the bureaus yet, then we will need a date of birth or social security number to identify the specific applicant.

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No Credit Impact

A soft credit check does not impact your customer's credit report or score. Traditionally, a hard pull will lower your customer's credit score by a few points, however a soft pull will not. Also, a hard pull will place an inquiry on your customer's credit report, which usually lasts about two years. A soft credit check will not place an inquiry on their report. As such, a soft credit check will not activate your competitor's trigger leads, another benefit of doing a soft credit check through iSoftpull.

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