TransUnion API Options

TransUnion does not have an API but TransUnion does provide batch processing through and XML feeds. This batch processing allows software integration partners to call up and view search efficiently. iSoftpull is a software integration partners for TransUnion.

iSoftpull’s TransUnion API integration makes it quick and easy for businesses to integrate their systems with TransUnion credit data. Whether businesses need to view a full TransUnion credit report or simply need credit decisions based on an applicant’s credit score, iSoftpull has an easy-to-implement credit API solution.

TransUnion API Options

Alternative to TransUnion’s credit check API

There are alternatives to TransUnion’s credit check API that can be implemented to help businesses to measure risk. Helping business measure risk is the core service provided by iSoftpull.

TransUnion API Integration Partners

Yes, TransUnion has API Integration Partners. API integration Partners such as iSoftpull are the leaders of the industry. iSoftpull offers a plethora of credit reporting solutions to businesses across a wide-range of industries. Industries including mortgage, home improvement, auto, health and dental, business loans, personal loans, online lenders, and so many more!

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TransUnion developer portal support

TransUnion offers a developer support portal to provide guidance in the implementation of TransUnion credit APIs. iSoftpull’s packaged APIs make it easy for businesses of all sizes and technical abilities to successfully launch a TransUnion API. If you have any questions or need support regarding a TransUnion API, iSoftpull is happy to assist!

TransUnion Integration Software

TransUnion credit report data with a multitude of digital platforms. iSoftpull’s credit reporting software enables users to easily integrate Utilizing iSoftpull’s software to get access to TransUnion integrations provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for automating credit reporting activities.

iSoftpull offers a multitude of credit integrations:

  • Access to soft and hard credit checks from various credit reporting bureaus, including TransUnion.
  • Leading provider of FICO® Scores and Vantage Scores. iSoftpull offers all scoring models and versions ensuring businesses have access to scores tailored to their industry.
  • Wide-range of integration products within iSoftpull’s Integration suite. Through iSoftpull, you easily automate your business processes whether you need an API to view full credit reports or simply need a score-based decision. iSoftpull offers the Intelligence Indicator API, the Report & Score View API, and the Full Feed API.
  • Credit Intelligence. iSoftpull offers its proprietary Credit Intelligence technology, which informs its clients' prequalification decision-making based on their custom credit score items.
  • Report and Score view provides automated access to a clients full report and score from the convenience of your own online platform.
  • Full Feed API offers a full JSON feed for businesses that want to access, store, and manage live credit data from within their own technical infrastructure.
  • Identity Risk Suite. iSoftpull also offers fraud management solutions to curtail synthetic identity fraud exposure, especially for online lenders.
  • Income Analysis Suite. iSoftpull offers accurate income predictive insights utilizing credit report data, public and tax data to provide an estimated income and debt-to-income ratio that can be appended to a credit report. Undoubtedly, the Act allows you to seek damages in court on violations from users of consumer reports. The extent of compensation depends on whether the breach was effected, willful or negligence. Paties likely to fall prey include unauthorized use of an individual's information to make decisions regarding granting them employment, credit facilities, and rental of properties.

TransUnion API documentation

The TransUnion API documentation includes technical resources for TransUnion customers and vendors. The customers and vendors can access a comprehensive collection of documents. These documents include:

  • Definition of codes that are used in TU4.0 and TU4.1 record processing, and include the following:
         a. Address
         b. Name
        c. Industry
        d. Permissible purpose
         e. Remarks
  • Current and archived General Announcements that contain technical information about TransUnion’s services and compliance requirements
  • Online batch users that include instructions and templates for running successful online batch (OLB) transactions
  • Risk-based pricing rule that includes two solutions to help consumers understand their credit scores as compared with other U.S. consumers
  • Score distribution graphs and score interval tables for generating credit score disclosure exception notices
  • Score percentile ranking for generating credit score disclosure exception notices without maintaining multiple score distribution graphs
  • Score models listed together with reason codes and a master reason code table
  • Security freeze that uses instructions, type codes, and test subjects to work successfully with it.Technical specifications for recent service releases that include technical documentation for recently released online services and scoring models
  • Test subjects that contain fictitious test subjects and can be used to test TransUnion services by sending a service inquiry in two ways:
          a. Using a test subscriber code
          b. Using a production subscriber code
  • TransUnion service descriptions arranged in a comprehensive listing, including service codes
  • TransUnion Net Access Resources that contain guides and instructions in video and written format about the TransUnion Net Access (TUNA)
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