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Laleh Hanks
Laleh Hanks


America Choice Mortgage is a mortgage broker committed to serving its customers with honesty, integrity and competence. The company's goal is to provide home loans to buyers while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Americas Choice's mortgage professionals work with clients one on one to ensure they get the financial solution that is specifically tailored to meeting their financing goals and needs


Americas Choice found themselves getting inaccurate debt and income information from clients when trying to calculate a DTI to understand the client's qualifications. Clients would often forgot about outstanding debts or sources of income. The misinformation presented surprises when conducting hard credit checks on these clients.

The inaccuracy of data slowed deals down and presented qualification obstacles limiting the companies ability to run efficiently and close deals.  Furthermore, the impact of running a hard pull in vein impacted the clients credit further undermining the clients ability to get qualified. While Americas Choice did extensive underwriting on deals before a pulling a hard credit checks, these efforts were still in vein resulting in an unnecessary hard pull and additional expenses incurred from an unqualified deal. 


Find an efficient method for gathering an accurate look into client's credit condition including their debts and income without having to run a hard pull.


iSoftpull offered Americas Choice a comprehensive solution to the problem they faced with data inaccuracy and time-consuming due diligence.  Using iSoftpull Americas Choice was able to access their clients full credit report, obtaining the same data as a hard pull for quick and easy DTI calculation at an exponentially lower price than a tri-merge.


  • Increased business efficiencies
  • Accurate data and DTI Insights 
  • Faster ad easier pre-qualification
  • Stronger working relationship with client
  • Reduced hard pull bill by 30%
  • Reduced unnecessary impact to clients credit
  • Able to get more clients get qualified
  • Closed more deals
  • Better communication and transparency

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