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Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards


Capwell Funding is a business loan broker helping firms access funding to launch, grow, and sustain businesses. Capwell Funding recognizes that a client's credit condition is their most significant asset in accessing financing for their business aspirations. Therefore, being able to check a client's credit is central to Capwell Funding's operations.


Before iSoftpull, Capwell Funding had a cumbersome credit check process, relying on the client to furnish a PDF version of their credit report for pre-qualification purposes. This system required the client to find credit check services and utilize complex technologies to see if they could qualify for funding.

The old process was time-consuming and inconvenient for Capwell Funding and its clients-- obtaining a client's self-produced credit report could take two weeks and often cause a deal to go cold. Furthermore, Capwell often found the data on the consumers' reports were minimal and sometimes outdated.

This issue substantially impacted Capwell funding's ability to conduct business, reducing their efficiency, ability to close deals, and often losing out on business to competitors due to their credit reporting pre-qualification.


Save time and close more deals by streamlining their pre-qualification process, so Capwell does not need to rely on the client to produce their credit report.


Incorporating iSoftpull's pre-qualification credit check software at the beginning of the sales process allows Capwell Funding's employees to check their prospective client's credit instantly.


  • Increased business efficiency by 200%
  • Closed 50% more loans
  • Greater client satisfaction and repeat business
  • Increased market share and reduced deals lost to competitors
  • Increased revenue by
  • Reduced hard pull bill by 25%
  • Helped clients avoid unnecessary hard pulls, less impact on their credit
  • Obtained reports with more accurate data for precise insights into client's credit condition

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